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Do you need fast Rhode Island Ethernet?  If so, then we are your metro Ethernet service provider. If you are still using DSL and Cable connections then you might be experiencing a slow internet connection that does not give you the professional appearance that you are offering.  You need to have a fast connection that does not give up on you.  There can be many points of failure that interrupt your service and you might be paying too much for less than great service.

So what does Rhode Island Ethernet offer you?  When you use an internet connection like T1, Bonded DS1 and DSL, your ISP and local phone company must work together to provide you with an internet connection.  By going through the phone company this adds hefty costs to your monthly IT bills and creates multiple points of failure that you cannot risk while doing business.  With Rhode Island Ethernet, the local phone company is eliminated.  You are able to simply connect directly to your ISP.  This eliminates the heft telephone company cost and reduces the multiple points of failure.

We will set up your metro Ethernet service in less than four weeks rather than making you wait months for installation.  You can also customize your speed and at any time contact us and we will be able to increase your speed as you need it. Contact us for a free Rhode Island Ethernet quote and see how much of a difference Metro Ethernet can make for your business today.

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